What About the Other Gospels?

What about the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Thomas, or even the Gospel of Mary?  You’ve probably heard of at least one of these new “gospels” in your lifetime, and given the amount of attention paid to these books in the media, the question has to be asked, “Why aren’t they in the New Testament we have today?”  Is there a way to know that these books, or any others, should not be in our modern Bibles?  In this lecture, Clark examines the evidence for the canonicity of the New Testament as it exists today and examines the evidence for these “other” gospels in light of history.


The Reliability of The Bible

It’s often claimed that there are more discrepancies in the New Testament than there are words.  Is this true?  To complicate matters, how can we claim to have a Scripture inspired by God if we don’t even have the original documents?  Skepticism regarding the Bible as a whole, and the New Testament in particular, is growing in the secular world, which is why Clark has designed this lecture to answer common objections to the reliability of the Bible.


The Reality of the Resurrection

While most outside the Christian faith dismiss the resurrection of Jesus as unbelievable, and many within the Christian faith are increasingly downplaying its significance, the reality of the resurrection is the foundation upon which all the Christian faith stands.  This lecture is designed to cover the four basic, indisputable facts surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the various objections and competing theories prevalent in modern skepticism.


Who is Jesus?

Liar, Lunatic or Lord?  No singular figure has ever done more to shape and change the world than Jesus of Nazareth.  Some choose to affirm him as a wise teacher.  Others a model figure for all to emulate.  Some even suggest that he never existed, but for many he was much, much more; he was God incarnate.  In this lecture, Clark discusses who Jesus was, who he claimed to be, and how we can know for sure, by approaching evidence from the Bible, surrounding historical documents, and the lives of those that followed after him.


I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be and Atheist

Based upon the popular book of the same name, written by Dr. Norman Geisler and Dr. Frank Turek, this presentation demonstrates the reasonableness of the Christian worldview over and against all others.  Having been taught this material by Dr. Turek himself, Clark uses this lecture to discuss topics including the nature of truth, the evidence for miracles, arguments for the existence of God from origin, design and morality, as well as the life and deity of Jesus Christ.


Purity in a Pornified Culture

Drawing upon personal experience, small group sessions, and peer counseling, Clark presents a sobering and straightforward call to male purity in an increasingly sexualized culture.  This series discusses the statistical damage of pornography and secular sexuality as well as the call to a better way found in Scripture.  The lengthier version of this presentation will also cover various practical steps each man can take in their lives to overcome sexual addiction or to promote sexual integrity in their day-to-day activities.  (disclaimer:  This course is incredibly blunt and honest.  Not only will it give statistical information regarding sexual issues, Clark feels that to not speak directly about the issue is to allow the sexualization of young men and women to continue.  It is recommended primarily for men’s groups but can be oriented toward a mixed gender audience if needed.)

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