My Calling

The American church is seeing its sharpest decline in influence, effectiveness, and presence in history.  While there are many factors that contribute to this, I believe firmly that the biblical illiteracy becoming increasingly prevalent in the pews has been at its core.  The body of Christ cannot function as the answer to the human dilemma if it doesn’t first understand its message and mission.  The Lord has called me to seek to fill this gap.  I believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Christian Scriptures, as well as their textual reliability and efficacy to answer all of life’s questions.

My Background

I came to Christ as a teenager but walked away from the faith for the better part of a decade after enlisting in the United States Coast Guard.  Having lived my life as I saw fit and nearly destroying my marriage in the process, my wife suggested we seek counsel with a local pastor.  It was through him and the local church that my faith was renewed and my marriage healed.  From that time onward I have sought to grow in my knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and share that knowledge with all who would hear it.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Religion from Liberty University, having graduated Magna Cum Laude, and a Masters of Divinity degree in Pastoral Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  I am currently studying for a second Master’s degree in Theology with Phoenix Seminary, serving as a Fellow with the Text and Canon Institute, and intend on pursuing my PhD immediately after.  For roughly a decade I have served in the local church as teaching elder, interim pastor and guest lecturer.  I have spoken at numerous churches and gatherings along the Oregon coast, California, Michigan, Missouri and Illinois, emphasizing the reliability of the Christian Scriptures, the Christian worldview in science and philosophy, and the person of Jesus Christ.

I believe that every Christian should be confident in the faith that they hold and, following the directive of the apostle Peter, be willing and able to give a reason for the hope that dwells within them, with grace and compassion.  My desire is to see unbelievers find the saving grace of Jesus Christ and fellow believers to rise up and seek to change the world for the kingdom of God, but neither can happen if the church is not willing to listen and empathize with those we engage with.  Apologetics begins with a compassionate ear and a willingness to learn from those we wish to reach.

What Does the Title Mean?

I named the website Exe-Jesus as a play on words of the term below.  After all, if Jesus is the central message of Scripture all meaning we draw from it will point to Him.